Ignatios Productions is a Christian Game Developer.

Christian Bible Games - The Synaxarion Series

Here is our library of Christian and Bible Games available to purchase digitally. You can buy them for yourself, your family, or as a gift! Many of these games have a Teen or Mature ESRB rating due to the nature of the martyrdom stories. There are no gruesome or grotesque images in the games themselves. Christians familiar with Iconography are aware of blood and other details that may be present in the drawings. The content you allow for your children is up to your discretion.

Synaxarion: Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro

Out Now!

Synaxarion: Holy Martyr Savvas the Goth

Coming Soon

Synaxarion Christian Stories: Holy Martyr Neophytos

Coming Soon

Synaxarion Bible Stories: Acts of the Apostles Part 1

Steam®  Coming Soon

Synaxarion Christian Stories: Patrick Enlightener of Ireland


Synaxarion Christian Stories: Nicholas the Wonderworker


Synaxarion Bible Stories: Moses the Prophet Part 1


Synaxarion Bible Stories: Acts of the Apostles Part 2


Synaxarion: Acts Part 1

Available 06/27/2024 on Nintendo Switch  and Steam.

Christian-Themed Adventure Games

These products are Christian-Themed, but are not based on true historical stories.

A Simple Life

Available now!

A casual Gardening Game!